ABIK Promotions is an excellent and cost effective way to get your blues CD or single release digitally serviced to both online and terrestrial radio stations and shows. Leen Velthuis is passionate about helping blues artists get their product out to the world. He is terrific to work with, and was instrumental in getting my CD on the national blues radio charts.  I highly recommend this radio promotion company.    Val Starr – Val Starr & The Blues Rocket

If you are looking for a way to promote your music, just stop! You have found it! This is it! ABIK radio promotions have everything you’re looking for, and so much more. It’s a HUGE market out there in the promotion world, and we had no idea of what to expect. In just a short week, ABIK radio promotions made us reach the world. Sounds really strange, and we were kind of shocked by it all too. There are no words to express our gratitude for all the great work that Leen Velthuis at ABIK radio promotions has done for our band. He truly walks the extra mile to take you wherever you want to go, and it’s such a privilege to be a member of the ABIK Promotions family. Greetings from Reloaded Norway

A few days upon our return from Memphis, pondering over all the wonders of the blues community that Beale Street had given us during the International Blues Challenge we were contacted by a man that turned out to have a huge role in the release of our album “Ashes”, a man that reched us through the wonderful work of the National Women in Blues. A man that is a force of nature behind ABIK Radio Promotions – Leen Velthuis. Little did we know that his knowledge, experience and a kind heart would do wonders for the promotion of our music. After deciding on an independent release, and after hearing his name on different occasions in the vast global blues community, it was only natural for Be Sharp Band to choose to enter the family of ABIK Radio Promotions. And we made one of the best decisions that this band ever made! So kudos to you Leen – to all the hard work, strong belief and kindnesses you provide to your artists. Marija Gasparic E’Lizbeth – Be Sharp band

I’ll be sure to steer any fellow musicians who are releasing records to your way. – Big Joe Shelton

I am happy to be just one of the artists in the ABIK family, as an artist with many albums, I have learned so much about getting my music out to many places, but it can be overwelming, and Leen has assisted with my last few releases. He is always so encouraging to me as a person and artist and loves to hear about the process that I go through in all the stages of releases, and then works hard with me on getting the music heard. My music has hit many many many playlists around the world thanks to his help including #1 on The Roots Music Report in Canada, #1 on the Earshots roots charts in Canada, and many other places around the world, from reviews in Europe to spins in the USA. He is a treat to work on projects with, and I am blessed to have his support and friendship. Sunday Wilde

” ABIK radio promotions have been instrumental in helping get my music heard all over the world!. I never would have thought I’d see my music distributed to so many countries, let alone actually making radio charts!. Leen has been very professional to work with and would definitely recommend him if you are looking to have your music promoted!. Thank you for all you do Leen!”
Steve Keenan Band